Is it free?

Probably one of the first things you want to know: "Is it free?" Yes. The extension is free, you don't have to pay anything for it. Is sending SMS text messages free? No it isn't. Why? Because in order to send messages to a mobile network you have to connect to a commercial service provider to use their gateway.

Fortunately it's cheaper than using your cellphone and you get advanced features!

Free Credits: The service provider this extension currently uses, in Switzerland gives away some free credits for newcomers. Just open an account with them, send an email where you mention SMS Sidebar and ask for free credits. They'll typically add some 20-50 credits to your account the next working day. I am not a part of

Simulation Mode: You can install this addon painlessly and try out all the features I built into it in simulation mode. Everything works exactly the same. Except nothing is sent to the gateway, no credits are needed. The addon simply simulates the appropriate server responses and you can try everything out.

Free Account: It's possible to open an account with the service provider without buying credits. If you feel ready to invest in some SMS credits you can do so on their site. They have a range of payment choices.

The price for one SMS usually is 6 Cents EUR / 9 Cents USD. See: networks. For details visit their website.

To use your account with the addon you have to enter the login data you received from them in the addon. You do that in the Options tab options icon. That's it. Hope you like it.

Should I, in the future, switch to a new gateway (eg. cheaper, more features) you will of course be able to continue using the gateway you started with. You will just have more choices.

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