SMS Sidebar is an extension for Mozilla applications such as Firefox, Thunderbird and Sunbird that allows sending of SMS text messages via a public gateway.

To start using SMS Sidebar and its advanced features you need an account at aspsms.com. You can get free SMS credits if you open an account at aspsms.com and send them email asking for some love. I'd suggest writing something like this:

To: support@aspsms.com

Dear ASPSMS.com

Could you please add some credits to my account to test the Mozilla extension SMS Sidebar?

UserID: --add your UserID (UserKey) here--


The credits are usually good for 50 SMS. A standard text message containing up to 160 characters is 'worth' about 9 $ cents or 6 € cents.

Once the free credits are used up you can buy credits at the aspsms site. This is not a free scheme. I was looking for a reliable SMS provider that could provide access to SMS 'sending modes' that are normally not available on the web or mobile phone. I chose aspsms because they are swiss, cheaper than the mobile networks I know of and mostly because they allow long sms and even updateable sms. (Yes. This means you can change a message on the recipient's phone.)

I, the developer of this extension am not related to aspsms.

Why pay you ask?

It's really up to you! You can go for a free sms scheme (which has its restrictions unfortunately). Or you can go for this extension which tries to provide the most convenient SMS sending access to its users. Including some extremely cool features to make it really hard to resist ;)

SMS Sidebar logo by: FastIcon.com

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